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Each of our candy brittles has their own special story. From standard peanut to almond, cashew, pecan, macadamia and pistachio, we incorporate nearly the whole nut family into our brittles. Then there are our chocolate brittles, including all the aforementioned nuts, dipped in flavored chocolates such as lemon, strawberry, orange, peppermint and spearmint. We even make seed brittles, including sunflower, pumpkin and trail mix. For those who prefer nut-free treats, we offer "virgin" brittle that's "never been touched by a nut".

You can also find our fine brittles at "Tailwinds" at the Tallahassee Airport or Downtown at the Tallahassee Visitor Center.

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But wait there's more. We also offer a large variety of home-made brittle ice cream in Tallahassee, from orange cream pecan, cafe almond and banana nut to "Mintal Escape," hot chocolate, strawberry delight and our "Whatever" flavor, "a combo of whatever doesn't fit in the buckets."

Check out our brittles... or other tasty goodies... or come by our brittle, ice cream and cookies store on Lake Ella Tallahassee, Florida.